Fast Track Café

Fast Track Cafe

For Racers who Crave More than Xtreme Speed!

Be sure to stop by our Fast Track Café. We have an appetizing selection of snacks and menu combos to refuel after a race.  Choose from pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers wraps and more!  Below is a delicious menu of tasty treats.

Remember, all games, shops and the cafe accepts cash, credit or gallons. The menu below features pricing for both.


Fast Track Café Menu

All meals include your choice of Chips, Fries or a Cookie and a 16oz. Fountain Drink.

Daytona Cheese Burger                 $8  (4.8 G)
   (Pickles, Onions, Lettuce & Tomatoes)

Veggie Burger                                   $7  (4.2 G)
(Pickles, Onions, Lettuce & Tomatoes)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich             $8  (4.8 G)
(Pickles, Onions, Lettuce & Tomatoes)

Buffalo Chicken Wrap                    $8  (4.8 G)
(Lettuce, Buffalo Sauce, Cheddar Cheese & Ranch Dressing)

Chicken Caesar Wrap                     $8  (4.8 G)
(Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese & Caesar Dressing)

PrimeTime Hot Dog                         $6  (3.6 G)
(Choose from Onions, Relish & Sauerkraut)

Texas Hot Dog                                   $7.50  (4.5 G)
(Chili, Cheese & Onion)


Xtreme Pizza                                      16” Pie                   Personal Size

Cheese Pizza                                      $15 (8.9 G)             $4.50 (2.7 G)

Veggie Pizza                                       $16 (9.3 G)             $5.00 (3.0 G)

Pepperoni Pizza                                $17 (10.1 G)           $5.50 (3.3 G)

If you are planning a corporate event, we also have a selective menu of catering platters. We can serve as many hungry racers as you bring.  For catering prices, please contact your Event Coordinator or call 954-491-6265 for details.